Witch Hat w/Pumpkin Charms 26mm x 14mm Silver CHM28920 AVBeads
AVBeads Certificate of Compliance Charms

AVBeads Wicca Charms Witch Hat Pumpkin Charms Silver 26mm x 14mm Metal Charms 4pcs

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Brand: AVBeads

Material: Metal Alloy

Size: 26mm x 14mm x 2.9mm

Hole Size: 2.3mm

Use AVBeads charms for charm bracelet making and jewelry making. Great for making clip-on charms for keychains, zipper pulls, backpack and purse accessories.


Certificate of Compliance

This product does not contain a level of lead or cadmium that prohibits the jewelry item from being sold or offered for sale pursuant to California ARTICLE 10.1.1. Metal-Containing Jewelry [25214.1 - 25214.4.2]

Product Identification

Product Name

Witch Hat Charm Pumpkin Dangle

Product Model

CHM 28920

Report Number

CTT 170 131 676 EN

Date Tested

January 04, 2017

CPSC product safety regulation to which this product is being certified:

Health and Safety Code sections 25214.1-25214.4.2