Prop 65 Warning Label on AVBeads Packaging

California Metal Containing Jewelry and California Prop 65 

We chemical test all of our products to ensure that none reach the levels California Prop 65 deems as harmful. Some items may contain a chemical on the list but not be harmful if used as intended. Jewelry and jewelry components are meant to be worn, not chewed, swallowed, or inhaled.

*About our steel wire packaging - This product does not require the California Prop 65 warning label. The packaging was designed for our metal alloy charms. We are working on a packaging design for the wire that does not include the warning label. We apoligize for the confusion. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

California Prop 65 warning label on AVBeads packaging

“Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to cause birth defects, cancer, and/or other reproductive harm.”

For more information about California Prop 65 or California’s Metal Containing Jewelry Law see below.

Prop 65

Chemical - Lead

Products we sell are not intended to be taken orally nor by inhalation.

“Safe Harbor Levels

No Significant Risk Level (NSRL) - Oral: Cancer   15 µg/day

Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL): Reproductive Toxicity   0.5 µg/day”

Chemical - Cadmium

Products we sell are not intended to be taken orally nor by inhalation.

 “Safe Harbor Levels

No Significant Risk Level (NSRL) - Inhalation: Cancer   0.05 µg/day

Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL) - Oral: Reproductive Toxicity   4.1 µg/day”


California Metal Containing Jewelry Law


Health and Safety Code sections 25214.1-25214.4.2


Lead in Metal jewelry

Allowable lead content for adult jewelry varies by material ranging from allowable limits of 100ppm-600ppm . AVBeads only imports and sells items with the lowest possible amount required to make the item which will also stay within the lowest amount allowable by the DTSC. AVBeads limits the lead content to 100ppm per component or jewelry item.

Of the adult jewelry and components, steel, glass, ceramic and gemstone do not need testing.

Cadmium in Metal Jewelry

Health and Safety Code section 25214.2

“Children’s jewelry that is manufactured, sold, or offered for sale and transported within California shall not have more than 0.03% (300 ppm) cadmium by weight. Cadmium restrictions apply to any children's jewelry component or material.”

Cadmium is tested even if we do not market to children. Our products either test below allowable limits or do not contain the chemical.