Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prop 65 & the California Metal Containing Jewelry Law?

This info requires a full page of its own. Click below to learn more.

Is AVBeads products Safe?

Yes. Click below to learn more.

How do I get my order tax exempt?

To add tax exemption to your account:
  1. Create an account
  2. Email your name and email address on your account along with a completed California Resale Certificate or the Uniform Sales & Use Certificate. You can click above or copy & paste the links below to get the forms.
Board of Equalization
California Resale Certificate

Multistate Tax Commission


What is your shipping process?

We deliver orders to the Waterford Post office in front of our store by 4pm. We ship Same Day - 1 business day on all products unless the title shows otherwise.

What if I need to change the shipping address?

If your order hasn't shipped, you can click the edit button for shipping address & change from there.

If your order has shipped, you can contact your post office to fill out the change of address form.

Why is Signature Required?

All shipments over $100 include signature confirmation for additional shipment tracking protection of your order.


What is your Returns Policy?


Why would you need a Metal Containing Jewelry Certificate?

Many large retail stores that sell Jewelry require Jewelry Certificates from their Jewelry Vendors.

Macy’s & Bloomingdales Jewelry Vendor Links

Macy's Jewelry Vendor Certificate

Nordstrom Jewelry Vendor Links

Nordstrom Jewelry Vendor Certificate

Walmart Jewelry Vendor Links

Walmart Jewelry Vendor Certificate

Home Shopping Network Jewelry Vendor Links

(See Page 25)
HSN Jewelry Vendor Certificate

DSW Jewelry Vendor Links

DSW Jewelry Vendor Certificate