AVBeads Story

Our story begins sad but turns out well.

October 2014, Angelina, barely a teenager, when she was hospitalized for over 2 months was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, Wegeners Granulamatosis.

Athena (mom) quit her job to stay with Angelina (daughter). Athena was making some of the Christmas gifts from the hospital. She kept sending Kevin (husband to Athena, Father to Angelina) home with the components she didn't need on her projects. She didn't realize how much she ordered until they returned home in January. She ordered way too many craft supplies & needed to figure out what to do with them. She also needed a new job but couldn't leave her daughter unattended without a nurse they couldn't afford.

She learned how to sell online. AVBeads started with mixed charm lots & jewelry. We have not deviated much but we have learned a few new techniques in jewelry making. Angelina is doing much better now, remission with meds stage.


AVBeads is a Brand and an e-commerce business. We test, import, manufacture, distribute, and sell online.

We test and import jewelry making materials. We manufacture jewelry from these materials. We distribute our jewelry and materials to wholesalers and jewelry makers. We sell our products at wholesale and retail on various selling platforms and from our stores.


We import to and ship out of California. California has strict laws when it comes to jewelry. As an importer of jewelry components, it is very important to us that our products meet or exceed our State and Federal jewelry laws. We want our customers to trust that AVBeads will always have the safest components for your jewelry making needs. 


AVBeads products are California Metal-Containing Jewelry Law, Consumer Product Safety Commission and Prop 65 compliant. We test for lead and cadmium for the safety of our customers and their customers.

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