How to Start a Memory Wire Bracelet

Memory wire for jewelry is adjustable. AVBeads sells memory wire that is 0.6mm thick with a loop diameter of 60-65mm with approximately 200 loops. This is the wire we will be using for this DIY article.

Memory Wire fits any size wrists, you just have to cut enough length to cover the wrist its intended for. You can cut the wire to any length.

This example shows how to start a 3 layer memory wire bracelet. It's cut is at exactly 3 loops. I used a wire cutter and a Round Nose with Concave Pliers. You can also use a Multi-Plier or a 3-in-1 Plier. You want to loop off one end of the wire to prevent the beads from falling.

How to Start a Memory Wire Bracelet

This is the bracelet I made with this cut and 8mm beads.


Here is another example of a bracelet with the same cut length.AVBeads Jewelry Bracelet Beaded 3 Layer Wrap


I like my bracelets with a chain and clasp on the end. I cut my own wire for bracelets at exactly 1 loop to fit my 7.5" wrist and add an extension chain with a lobster clasp.

 Memory Wire BraceletMemory Wire BraceletMemory Wire Bracelet

When I make bracelets that need a One Size fits all, I cut them with a minimum of 2 loops to give it bit of extra length for security. So, cut at what feels comfortable.

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