Free Handmade Jewelry ecommerce online sales website creation

Do you sell handmade jewelry but don't have your own website?

We want your businesses to thrive. AVBeads is going to try something out.

We are giving away 1 Free Handmade Jewelry ecommerce online sales website creation.

(We might do more. We'll see how the first one goes.)

What that means is, you will receive a website design similar to ours.

You can add or import your own product. We can help import or teach you how to add them in manually.

It will include AVBeads inventory listings that you can publish as you buy. Or you can use our dropship template.

It will include help to create and/or connect your facebook business page & posts, your amazon seller account listings, ebay seller account listings, social media, and/or your blogs if want.

If your tech savvy, we can just transfer the site.

Message us if your interested.

We will go by first come first served.

If the first reply is just a site transfer, I should be able to take on another the next day.

***For those not familiar with owning a website-

I can design it for you for free.
You can change anything on the site.
The site is only visible to the owner & staff managing it until it is "Published".

To "Publish" the site you must register the site in your name with the host of the site.
The site host will charge $30 per month, 30 days after your site is "Published" or goes live.

Message us if your interested.