Craft Fair Jewelry Display Table Idea

Craft Fair Jewelry Display Table Idea

Finally, finished that display. Well, enough to start working on the next one. Will likely come back to this one eventually.

This display idea was inspired by a few articles I read about successful craft fair jewelry tables. We dont do craft fairs but we need some eye catching displays at our Waterford, CA shop.

Take a look at some of the products on this table here.

craft fair jewelry display table idea

Prop cost under $20
2x rolls wrapping paper -Dollar Tree
2xPlastic "Silver" trays -Dollar Tree
Hand Mirror -Dollar Tree
White Foam Board -Dollar Tree
7pc Stickers -Dollar Tree
2x Sticker dots - Lots of extra -Dollar Tree
Pack of Doilies -Dollar Tree
Roll of Tulle -Dollar Tree
Vinyl Letters -Dollar Tree
Velvet Necklace Display - Walmart

Shipping Boxes

Store-Use Supplies
Shipping Labels
Acrylic Gems
Butterfly Magnets