How AVBeads Designs Beaded Wrap Bracelets Inspiration Design Tutorial

Design Tutorial

How AVBeads Designs Beaded Wrap Bracelets

1. Wire length - We use AVBeads Bracelet Memory Wire 200loops for our Beaded Wrap Bracelets. No measuring needed.

We've learned that (a) a minimum of 2 loops will fit any size wrist. (b) 3+ loops look gorgeous. (c) 5 loops with 2 layers of seed beads take over 1 hour to complete. Longer if you make a mistake like the top layer in the pic below.

2. Bead Size - I prefer 6mm beads for myself, so I select beads ranging from 4mm-8mm.

3. Choose Color Theme - I tend to choose 3 blendable bead colors, 1 rhinestone or faceted glass bead, and 1 metal bead.

4. Bead Pattern - A minimum of 3 bead types per layer, but I prefer 5 minimum on my own bracelets.
My preferred color pattern: Medium, Metal, Dark, Sparkly, Light
Or vary bead colors, then pattern with: Glass, Metal, Glass, Metal, Glass

5. Optional - Add end charms. Use metal charms, glass bead charms, or end drop charms to finish the ends off.

The end😊
Happy Crafting😎

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